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About us

Our family trade named WOOL was established in 2005. The early production included different souvenirs/accessories made of fleece wool (i.e. slippers, purses, caps etc.). Due to low demand for such products, we decided to make the production of home-made liqueurs our priority. Home-made liqueur recipes have been present in our family for generations. Upon being slightly altered we managed to create a recognizable brand named Angelina Liqueurs, which also promotes our region. What makes our liqueurs unique is the fact that they are all based on wine, unlike other liqueurs which are mostly based on grappa (or rakia). It is precisely the wine that gives them an exceptional bouquet.

Our liqueurs took part in the grappa, liqueurs and juices evaluation (Slovenia) in 2011 and 2012 respectively and were given very high ratings. Furthermore, they are available in most of the well known restaurants and cafés in Rijeka, Zagreb, and Split, which is another guarantee of quality.

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